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P6 Powered Event Screen

Consider the P6 LED screen if you’re searching for an exceptional event screen. Equipped with advanced technology, these LEDs elevate the visual experience of your to new heights.

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Feature of P6 LED Screen Event Screen:

  • The term “P6” refers to the “pixel pitch,” which denotes the distance between each LED bulb on the screen. For a big screen, the pixel pitch is 6mm, resulting in a high-resolution sharp and clear images even under direct sunlight
  • Due to the extreme intensity of the screen hire, they can effectively block the sun’s light, keeping your graphics vibrant and fascinating throughout the event.
    P6 LED Screen for outdoor event
  • This makes Screen for Hire a great option for outdoor  screens like sporting events, concerts, and festivals in Australia. Whether you’re organizing a large-scale concert or a community festival, this screen for big events is an ideal option to enhance engagement and create an unforgettable visual experience for your audience.

Before hiring LEDs for rentals in Australia.


There are a few things to take into consideration.

  •  To begin with, verify that the LED is suitable for the screen you intend to rent, and check the screen’s dimensions and weight to ensure a secure setup.
  •  Additionally, the price and duration of the screen rental should also be taken into consideration.
  •  Make sure to analyze among different providers and compare prices to get the best deal  and Keep in mind while choosing the led screen, it should be cost effective .
  • Overall, P6-powered screen rentals in Australia are something to think about if you’re looking for a high-quality, portable big screen for your outdoor event. It’s an exceptional investment because of its high-resolution display and broad access capabilities.