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Unleash Your Vision with our Customizable LED Screen Display

Find out about the LED screen Hire for your event, your one-stop solution for visual display
led screen rental

Transforming Your Advertising and Event Hire with Stunning LED Displays


Our Expertise

With our LED screen rentals, we provide a variety of possibilities such as live video projection, fixed LED screen installations, consultancy and support services.

Our Commitment

We are fully committed to providing our clients with the best. Expect high-quality LED screens and exceptional support tailored to your needs.

Our Flexibility

Enjoy a flexible and customizable range of LED screens available for hire to meet the different needs of clients and perfect for various events.


Our affordable pricing for LED screen hire services ensures that you get the best value without any compromise on the renowned quality we provide.
led screen hire
led screen hire

Revolutionize Your Visual Display With Our LED Screen Rental Experts

The mobile LED digital screen truck of Screen For Hire has entered the Australian market. Since its inception, the number of LED screen rentals has grown, and we are now providing LED screen trucks. Over the course of our journey, we’ve expanded our party hire services, including LED Screen solutions, to a wide range of clients across Australia.

screen rental

We customise every product according to our client’s specifications and have a record of providing exceptional sales support and services.

Display Quality
Cost Effective
Ease of Use

With a focus on delivering high quality, our LED screens boast high resolution and brightness, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching visuals.

The latest hardware and software components which are specifically designed to be used in Australia's exceptional climate to support our screens.

Not only energy-efficient and long-lasting, but also providing a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly displays.

What We Do

Upgrade Your Event with our LED Screen Hire

Enhance your event with our advanced LED Screen trailers, which will take your visual presentation to new heights. With our LED panels, we provide a variety of possibilities such as video production, LIVE streaming, multiple video signal mixing, and live editing. Use video production in conjunction with displays to project LIVE video mixing.

Stand Out from the Crowd with LED Screen Hire

Screen for Hire is based in Australia, the main supplier and manufacturer of portable and stationary lighting screens in trucks and trailers for everyday events as well as advertising on the street.

Led Screens

The LED screen trailer was amazing. We have created memorable events with screen-for-hire visual displays. It is highly recommended to anyone to make significant events.

Kylie Foster

Editor, CEO

We have a movie tonight. It has a great experience with an auto-brightness feature. I must assure you that I have never met such a cooperative team ever before. Thumbs up!

Lisa Matthews


Screen for hire is a visually stunning LED screen trailer for business occasions. Even in direct sunlight, the brightness and clarity are exceptional—simple installation with experienced assistance.

Justin Lee

SEO Instructor
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