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Outdoor Cinema Hire

Dreaming of an unforgettable movie night beneath the stars? Look no further than Outdoor Cinema Hire. Whether you’re planning a grand birthday party in Melbourne or a cozy weekend hangout, our state-of-the-art inflatable screens transform any location into a cinematic paradise. Envision yourself immersed in your favorite films or riveting live sporting events, with the mesmerizing city skyline enhancing every moment.

Our services cater to every preference and occasion. From grand displays fit for vast audiences to intimate screens perfect for smaller gatherings, we’ve got all your needs covered. If an outdoor movie experience is on your mind, trust us to make it magical.


Celebrate in Style

Our screens aren’t just for movies. Celebrate birthdays, host cinema parties, or even broadcast live sports. Whether it’s watching movies or cheering for your favorite team, we make sure it’s unforgettable.


  • All Over Australia : We’re not just about Melbourne. No matter where you are in Australia, we bring the cinema experience to you.


  • Stress-Free Fun : We handle everything – from setting up the screens to packing up after. Your only job? Enjoy the night with friends and family.


  • Dive into the Cinema Experience : Ready for a night of fun and movies? Dive into a world where stories come alive beneath a canopy of stars. Reach out to us, and let’s make memories together.


  • For Every Occasion : From kids’ birthday bashes to romantic date nights, our cinema experiences fit the bill. Planning an outdoor movie night with buddies? Or perhaps you’re gearing up for a grand sports finale? Our screens, big and small, are perfect for every moment.


  • Inflatable Screen Fun : Kids love them, adults adore them! Our inflatable screens add that extra touch of fun, making your garden or backyard the coolest cinema spot in town.


  • Join the Cinema Party : Who says cinemas are indoors? We’re turning that idea on its head. With our top-notch equipment, every movie feels like a cinema party, bringing families and communities closer than ever.


  • Quality Matters : It’s not just about size or style. It’s about clarity. Every frame, and every sound byte resonates with crystal-clear quality. From the roaring of a lion to the subtle notes of a romantic song, our movie screens capture it all.


  • You Come First : At Outdoor Cinema Hire, your experience is our top priority. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. And if you’ve got special requests? We’re all ears!


  • Let’s Get the Reel Rolling : Movies, memories, and magic – that’s our promise. So, are you ready to transform an ordinary night into an extraordinary cinema experience? Get in touch and let’s bring your dream outdoor movie event to life.

Tailored Cinema Solutions for Discerning Audiences

At Outdoor Cinema Hire, we grasp the nuances of distinct events. Whether a grand corporate event or an intimate soirée, our services mold to your vision, ensuring an experience of unparalleled sophistication.

Our commitment stretches beyond just equipment. Each detail, from the crispness of audio-visuals to the ambience, crafts a transcendent cinema experience. With our meticulously curated offerings, each cinematic frame speaks in impeccable clarity, immersing your audience fully into the narrative.

The Inflatable Screen Distinction

More than just equipment, our state-of-the-art inflatable screens stand as symbols of innovation and elegance. Their dual advantage of functionality and aesthetic appeal allows them to blend effortlessly into any outdoor setting.

Outdoor Cinema Hire stands as a beacon of dedication to client satisfaction. We don’t just provide; we collaborate, ensuring your envisioned cinematic journey unfurls seamlessly. Dive into a world where your cinematic dreams find wings. Engage with us and etch memories that linger, resonating well beyond the evening.

Elevate Your Events with Premier Outdoor Cinema Hire

Transform any outdoor space into a private cinema with our top-of-the-line outdoor cinema hire services. At Screen for Hire, we specialize in providing an immersive movie experience with high-quality cinema screens, projectors, and speakers.

Whether you’re planning a cozy family night, a private screening, or a large community event, our comprehensive screen hire solutions cater to all your needs. Our big screens offer crystal-clear visuals, while our state-of-the-art projectors and speakers ensure that every dialogue and soundtrack is experienced just as intended.

Key Features:

  • High-definition cinema screens for clear, vivid visuals
  • Advanced projectors that deliver stunning image quality
  • Premium speakers for an immersive audio experience
  • Flexible cinema hire options for private screenings and public events

Why Choose Us:

  • Craft unforgettable moments with loved ones
  • Customizable packages for events, big or small
  • Stress-free installation and technical support by our experts
  • Transform any venue into a spectacular movie theater

With Screen for Hire, your next event is guaranteed to be a blockbuster hit, thanks to our premium outdoor cinema hire services. Quality, convenience, and unforgettable experiences are just a booking away.