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Single Screen Truck

EM2500 Single Screen Truck: Elevate Your Event Experience

Discover perfection in LED screen rental technology with the EM2500, a single-screen truck designed to enhance your events and outdoor advertising efforts in Australia. This mobile marvel offers an array of amazing features.

Entertainment and Connectivity On the Go bySingle Screen Truck

  • Equipped with a spacious 4800×2400 mm P10 LED outdoor screen, the EM2500 delivers a stunning display optimized for both video and text. It captures the audience’s attention with its captivating visuals, creating unforgettable memories.
  • The EM2500 is not just a screen; it’s an exceptional LED screen hire that can showcase TV, DVD, slide shows, YouTube videos, internet content, branding, and even social media feeds. It comes complete with an onboard generator, audio system, video processor, and various networking options like SDI or HDMI inputs.

Tailoring Visual Excellence in Design

This truck is designed to meet the specific needs of customers, creating extraordinary visual displays for various events, from music festivals and company meetings to business conferences and outdoor sporting events.

Your Ultimate Mobile LED Display Companion

1: Versatility on Wheels

EM2500, the leading single screen truck in Australia, is your ultimate mobile companion for LED screen rental and outdoor advertising. Its loaded features and top-quality capabilities ensure a robust, functional, and flexible LED display experience.

2: Captivate Large Crowds

Connect the EM2500 to any event or roadside advertising campaign and witness its prowess in captivating large crowds with stunning video and text displays.

Transform Your Event with EM2500 single screen truck

Get in Touch Today For more details on how the EM2500 can transform your event and outdoor advertising efforts, contact us now. Take your event experience to the next level with EM2500.