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Event Hire by Screen for Hire

In times where being Socially acknowledged rules the world, Event hire have a major task at hand to organize events at such a scale that all the resources are used optimally. There is no end to the kinds of events that we see happening in modern times. Gone are the days, when events meant only public gatherings for a trade fair or Circuses. With Screen for Hire, one can enhance the look of their event and easily get it to a larger audience. We have covered numerous events in such a short time frame, accounting for both public gatherings and intimate private events. The one-stop solution for any equipment hire needs is Screen for Hire.

Outdoor Event

Business Networking Events

Every businessperson must be out there with the rest not only to compete but also to add a string of networks to enhance their business by meeting different experts from other fields that may help them streamline their business. These event hire have been covered by us successfully wherein, our screens not only helped with any presentation that one wanted to present but also played videos of sponsors which helped them garner huge traction.

Outdoor Community Events

It is imperative that communities celebrate their pride and cultures on special occasions, and we proudly help them do that by providing any sort of help from our side. Be it large LED screens to present Live streams, or to play sponsored videos. We at Screen for Hire, make sure any other equipment requirements right from Generators, speakers, and mics should be provided in the best conditions with better pricing,

Supporting Local Sporting Clubs

We are proudly Australian, and what is the point of being a proud Aussie if you don’t love sports? Yes, we love sports and support local clubs by providing them with equipment hire opportunities! Right from streaming LIVE matches on our large trailer screen or playing thank you messages for the stakeholders, Scree for Hire is the right solution to enhance local club sporting.

Stream LIVE Content

Is there a match you want to play for your audience in the backyard of your site? We are here to help you. We have helped many local events stream sports LIVE where people come and join in to watch and cherish sports with their loved ones and share snacks and drinks, making memories lasting a lifetime.

University Calling!

University campuses around Australia organize dynamic events throughout the year, and, we have proudly been part of a few of them. With our LED screens events such as LIVE streaming of sports, fairs, Orientation Day, etc. get more involvement in terms of numbers for the events making them a success every time.

Trade fairs

Advertising and marketing are the spines on which the body of a business stands. Trade fairs provide opportunities for businesses to take their products out in the market in a more traditional and aggressive sense. Usage of large LED screens to advertise, or to be a sponsor and have your videos played in that segment is the most feasible, rational, and efficient way to market a business.

Community Fairs

We have gathered expertise in covering all the essential elements that an organizer may need to carry out a successful community fair. There are several needs at the events because there is a lot going on from Food trucks to sports. There are different segments where children’s Games are played, and even local small business owners could be seen marketing and selling their products at a kiosk in these events. These kinds of events work wonders when there are LED screens showing the LIVE view of the whole event as well as thanking the sponsors who made that event happen.

Outdoor Community Event

Private Events

We at Screen for Hire, take up our job with utmost professionalism and provide the best of the facilities according to one’s needs for their specific events. There are various moments one shares with their loved ones, and our screen helps to enhance the experience for everyone present at the event. It could vary from a happy occasion such as a wedding ceremony, where the story of the couple could be shown on our large LED trailer Screen, or it may be to say one last goodbye to a loved one and share their life’s journey on the Screen. Whatever may be the occasion, we promise to deliver the best of our products with the best of our services.

With Screen for Hire, we welcome you to partner with us so we can streamline your events seamlessly through every challenge or obstacle that may come your way. Furthermore, all your equipment needs and more will be met under one roof. So what’s stopping you?