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Three Side Screen Truck

Unparalleled Flexibility and Impact of Three Side Screen Truck 

  • The Epitome of Adaptability :The three-sided screen truck, equipped with three LED screens, is the pinnacle of adaptability. It boasts an onboard generator to power its display and control systems, making it a versatile choice for various applications.
  • A Dream Machine for Visual Excellence:This dream machine is designed to deliver top-notch video and text content at any event or for outdoor advertising campaigns. It features an integrated sound system with a built-in PA audio processor and multiple inputs, ensuring a high-quality audiovisual experience.
  • Triple the Screens, Triple the ImpactThe three-sided screen truck includes two large 4800X2400 mm P10 LED screens on the sides and a 1920X1150 mm P6 rear screen, creating a stunning visual spectacle that captivates audiences.
three side screen truck

Melbourne LED Hire: Your Source for Large-Screen Displays

Melbourne LED Hire offers a range of large-screen display rentals in different sizes and specifications, perfect for any event or outdoor advertising campaign. Our displays feature transparent crystal displays that draw the viewer’s attention.

Count on our technical experts to provide top-notch service. Our LED screen hire services utilise the latest technology and high-quality products, ensuring a seamless experience for your events.

With the option of three LED screens on a single truck, you can showcase three different types of content simultaneously on one medium. The three side-screen trucks offer fantastic image quality and can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Advanced Technology for Every Occasion of Three Side Screen Truck

1: Weather-Resistant Design of Three Screen truck

Our three-sided screen truck is equipped to handle water and weather conditions, making it suitable for both outdoor advertising campaigns and event screen rentals.

2: Versatile Content Display

The truck can display a wide range of content, including live TV, DVDs, slide shows, YouTube videos, internet content, and social media feeds. It can also connect to SDI/HDMI 

3: High-Resolution and Scalability Three Screen truck

All screen-for-hire LED screens feature advanced video processors that provide high resolution and scalability for various signal inputs. If you need guidance on optimizing your display for different occasions, our experts are ready to assist.

4: Elevate Your Events with Three Side Screen Truck

For more information on how the Three Side Screen Truck can transform your event or advertising campaign, contact us now. Focus on your goals, and let our advanced technology do the rest.