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Cutting-Edge Technology for Clear Displays

Pixel Perfection: The P10 solar LED screen boasts a 10mm pixel pitch, ensuring crystal-clear content that captivates viewers even from a distance.
Multimedia Powerhouse: This solar powered outdoor equipped with a 500 Watts speaker/PA system and a versatile video processor, this  supports multiple inputs, including SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, and Analogue composite video signals.
Input Flexibility: The solar powered outdoor video processor allows seamless switching between various input sources, catering to diverse event needs.

P10 Solar

Versatile Applications of P10 Solar LED screen

Outdoor Movie Nights: p10 solar Outdoor LED screen Perfect for hosting movie screenings that delight audiences under the stars in Melbourne.
Live Video Streaming: Stream live events with exceptional clarity and high quality visibility.
Event Advertisements: Showcase event promotions and advertisements to a broad audience in Australia
Social Media Displays: Engage your audience with real-time social media updates and content.
Live Camera Feeds: Display live camera signals for dynamic event coverage.

Sustainability in Action


Solar-Powered: Embrace sustainability goals with a solar-powered LED screen that reduces environmental impact.

Solar LED Trailer Screen: The perfect pixels make it clear to display clear images and videos with high contrast regardless of light conditions.
To ensure that your message reaches and appears to all parts of the audience, this LED screen also provides an engaging visual experience. It is exposed to the sunlight or at night under the stars and also irrespective of the weather conditions.

Seamless Setup for Flawless Events

Crisp Visuals: Deliver sharp images and videos to elevate the audience’s visual experience.
Mobility: The mobile design offers hassle-free event setup and teardown, enhancing event logistics.
User-Friendly Interface: A straightforward interface and quick installation process save time and effort for event organizers.

1: Advertising Efficiency

Quick Advertisements: Display prospective adverts in seconds, making it ideal for on-the-fly messaging.
Multiple Options: Offers a variety of display solutions, including LED screen displays and outdoor LED screens.
Complete Solutions: Comprehensive services encompass Single Side/Double Side LED screen displays, from concept to installation and management

2: Environmental Responsibility

Eco-Friendly: The commitment to environmental preservation makes outdoor screen rental a responsible choice in Australia
Sustainability Focus: Emphasizing environmental protection, it aligns with eco-conscious event solutions.

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