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Mobile LED Screen Trailer

Mobile LED Screen Trailer

The rental of mobile LED screen trailers has become increasingly popular owing to their efficiency and flexibility. These trailers are very transportable and lighter, so they’re an excellent alternative for events that need quick setup.
Screen For Hire Australia carries large displays on trailers and trucks for your event and outdoor advertising. We offer outdoor screens, LIVE video projection, fixed LED screen installations, consultation, and support.

Experience the future of event technology with our Mobile LED Screen Trailer

Screen for Hire Media offers a variety of LED screens for hire and sale. With over 12 years of industry experience, we provide LED screen for events or outdoor advertising.

The Mobile LED Screen Trailer is more than just a visual appearance. It enhances your event to a level of immersive performance, creating an enduring image after the last curtain has been drawn. The experiences of the event have been entirely redefined by its dynamism, unlimited flexibility and awful beauty.

This event screen trailer is suitable for large outdoor events such as outdoor concerts, festivals, screenings, sporting events, LIVE video or games activations, and so on. 400W* on-board sound system is the second most important feature for the event screen trailer.
AV inputs of several types – HDMI/ SDI/ DVI/ Composite HD input signal. Support: 720p or 1080p that enhance the visual appearance and engage the audience. The screen may be raised above the ground and twisted to any desired angle/position, and it avoids transportation errors.

In conclusion, contact us today; be involved in ensuring your event leaves a lasting impression. Explore our extensive selection of mobile LED screen trailer rental services. Allow us to collaborate with you to create a memorable impression by utilizing modern equipment and our unwavering dedication to providing excellence.