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Most people rent the wrong screen for their outdoor events: Top tips for outdoor cinema hire

outdoor event hire

movies with friends and family under the sky full of stars would be pretty exciting for people of all ages. But, if you want to make your outdoor cinema Hire event a justly remarkable experience it’s compulsory to haveHosting an outdoor event can be entertaining or full of excitement for both the organizers and attendees but it can cause boredom at the same time because most people rent the wrong screens for their outdoor events. When we talk about outdoor events they can be different in their novelty. Outdoor cinema hiring is increasing and getting popular these days because of their fascination, these screens would make your events memorable from family gatherings in the backyard to celebrating community festivals. The charisma of enjoying your special events in the open air with loved ones or watching a deep detail about every single point of your event starting from choosing the right screen.

In this comprehensive guide, we will try our best to provide you with some top tips and expert advice while ensuring that your event will achieve big success.

Understating the basic mistakes we make during outdoor cinema hire

While organising outdoor events, when it comes to hiring screens it could be challenging because of some common mistakes.

Here we will discuss some common screen hiring mistakes:

Complex setup
Most of the time setting up the screens properly for your outdoor cinema hire could be very tricky, challenging, or complicated at the same time. The feeling you get when you’re solving a giant puzzle without any guidelines is what it exactly feels like, and putting the parts of the screen together can be frustrating. Instead of being able to start the outdoor cinema night quickly by setting up everything suitably, you might end up wasting a lot of time figuring out which part of the screen goes where. This would be very hectic and stressful especially when the audience is anxiously waiting to start the movie night. So it’s very important to choose the screens that are easy to assemble, so only that way you would be able to spend less time arranging the equipment of the screen and utilise that for enjoying the movie night with your family and friends under the sky full of stars.

Selecting the inappropriate type of screen

Usually, people make mistakes while selecting the screen for their outdoor cinema hire. For example, choosing the screen which is meant to be hired for indoor events instead of outdoor, will give the feel just like you are going to play badminton with your cricket bats which are not specifically designed to perform that kind of activity. Using the wrong type of screen like indoor screens that are obviously not made up of strong material which is required to handle outdoor weather conditions like wind or sunlight and their light resolution options or colour brightening schemes, designed according to the indoor screen requirements simply won’t be able to give exciting and proper visuals outside. This is why it’s very important to select the correct type of screen for your outdoor cinema hire which can handle both the weather hurdles and give exciting visual results at the same time.

The material of the screen usually for the outdoor environment polyester screening works best but some other types are also available like inflatable fabric and rigid. Well, it totally depends on the outdoors and its surrounding atmosphere. While choosing the material of the screen always keep these factors in mind about the screen’s durability, weather resistance, and displaying quality in your mind so that you won’t end up with any kind of trouble.

Ignoring the screen resolution if you want to display a clear and sharp display of your movie for outdoor cinema make sure to hire a screen with good resolution so, the audience won’t get any fuzzy or pixelated view.

Choosing the wrong shape of the screen

Another common error people make during their outdoor cinema hire is choosing the screens with an aspect ratio that doesn’t align with the content you are going to display. It’s like trying to fit an oval-shaped object into a triangular instrument. This doesn’t make sense at all, right? Just like this if the screen’s display ratio doesn’t match the content ratio that is required for displaying the movie correctly, people will find many parts of the movie missing with some black bars on the sides of the screen. This will end up making the viewing experience of your audience worse so, firstly you should know about the content ratio of the movie and then select the correct screen right according to the demand of the film.

Take help from our professionals in all these factors discussed above, for outdoor cinema hire and make your events seamless and stress-free. Don’t hesitate at all and feel free to communicate with our professionals as they are highly experienced in outdoor cinema hiring.

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